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Welcome to Mahinbanoo

You are entering Mahinbanoo website which presents latest Mahinbanoo collections which are ready to collect in Mahinbanoo bouticqes and online ordering.


How to order

Please contact any of our shops for ordering our goods and receive them at your door

Where we came


Since 2009 Mahinbanoo is in clothing production.We provide our textile from all over the world and making nice,elegant jackets,coats and abayas.We make dreams come true.

Contact us

Contact us

head office :Tehran , Shariati ave. Elahie
tel: +9821-22616540
branch 1:Tehran, Artesh blvd. Almase Iran Shopping Mall Tel:+9821-22967887
branch 2: Tehran, Aghdasie .Avacenter shopping Mall Tel:+982126470613
telegram: 09022001816
facebook: mahinbanoo